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Won "Best Taste" during the recent regional Taste of Baldwinsville event.

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Panamanian Peaberry Single-Origin Coffee

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This sweet, crisp coffee can be defined by it's aromatic characteristics (Read more...)

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Latest Mighty Coffee Blog ~

Posted byDennis @ 10:45pm on 7/29/07
Welcome to Mighty Coffee's Grand Opening!

Thanks for visiting our brand new site! We've been working on it for quite a long time and now it's finally up. I want to take a moment to explain who we are and what we're doing. Our goal is to provide a place for you to find locally roasted specialty coffee from all sorts specialty coffee houses around the country.

We're from Western New York so we're going to be starting out locally and working outwards. All of the coffee featured on the site right now is roasted in Syracuse by Shamballa Coffee Co. which is a new coffee house which just opened up last year in the town I grew up in. The owners are really fanatic about their coffee, and it shows. After I had my first cup there I approached the owners about being the featured roasters on this site, which they thankfully agreed to.

I'm very excited that we can finally get everyone in touch with some of this top notch coffee. We will be adding more and more features to the site as well over the next few months including some really cool community stuff. For now though you'll find the site to be very "lean." Please email us and let us know what you think and what we can do to improve anything at all.

Thanks again for stopping in, please enjoy.


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